Below are some useful news and information items on the following topics:
– Sandbags for Flooding in Ashleworth
– Ash tree dieback disease – Tewkesbury Borough Council update
– Road Potholes – Reporting
– Water course maintenance – your responsiblities
– Blocked Road Drains
– Library Strategy – New proposals for library strategy
– Severe weather – Snow advice – Flooding

Sandbags for flooding in Ashleworth
Ashleworth Parish Council (APC) is keeping a store of 100 sandbags and a supply of sand for general public use.
Tewkesbury Borough Council is no longer supplying sandbags on public demand and the onus is now on Parish Councils to do so at their own cost. Not all Parish Councils in the area have made the decision to do so.
If you do require sandbags for flood defence purposes, please will you contact Adeline Raine on 700192, who will put you in touch with Paul Finch to arrange a mutually convenient time for collection.
APC ask that on a first visit you take no more than 10 filled sandbags. The responsibility for filling the bags will be down to the individual, but for the frail and infirm, assistance is likely to be available. If 10 bags are not sufficient, please check with either Paul or Adeline before taking any more, so that there will be sufficient bags for all concerned in cases of emergency.
The following link will lead you to further information on how to protect your home from flooding and the most efficient way to deploy sandbags.

Ash Tree Dieback – Tewkesbury Borough Council update
Please follow this link to find out the latest information on Chalara fraxinea or Ash dieback. Please could I also ask 
you all to keep a watchful eye on our trees and woodlands for any suspicious signs of the disease using the attached guide and report to either myself or to the Forestry Commission – 0131 314 6414;

Tracy Lewis
Landscape Officer
Tewkesbury Borough Council
Tel:01684 272061

Or alternatively, you can open this extract of the text from TBC website in PDF format Chalara Fraxinea.pdf

Road Potholes
Ashleworth Parish Council is only treated like any member of the public as regards reporting potholes, and therefore needs your help to report them.  Click here to access the Highways reporting web page or ring 08000 514514.  By using these links, you are given a unique reference number so that tracking progress, or lack of it, is possible.

Water Course Maintenance
Do you have a river, stream, ditch or culvert running through, or alongside, your property?
If so, you are probably responsible for its maintenance and this guide is for you. Click here

Blocked Road Drains
At the July 2012 Council meeting it was agreed that a link should be put onto this website for reporting blocked road drains.
For reporting blocked drains (and flooded roads) to Gloucestershire County Council – Click here
For emergency notifications to Severn Trent call 0800 783 4444

Library Strategy
New proposals for Library Strategy – click here  for details
a consultation will take place if agreed by GCC Cabinet on 20th Jan.Mobile libraries are still under discussion

Severe Weather
Snow – Visit the Gloucestershire County Council Highways website for local weather and cold weather tips.
Ashleworth has a Snow Warden who is Mr Paul Finch. His duties are listed on the link above. Please call him should you require salt for pavements and roads. Grit should not be requested for private use.
Floods – As Ashleworth is located on the river Severn  a direct link is given to the Environment Agency website showing the live water level at the Ashleworth Quay. Click here to find current water levels and trends. The three day flood risk forecast can be found here and advice on flooding can also be found here.