Bin collection services are managed by Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Blue bin collection service:
The blue bin recycling collection is a fortnightly service. Please ensure your blue bin is placed on your property at the nearest point to the highway or pavement by 7am, next to your larger food caddy.

One week your blue bin will be emptied, the next week the green bin will be emptied. Each property should have a blue bin for recycling. If you do not have a blue bin or would like to order please telephone customer services on 01684 295010. If you have any excess recycling waste you can collect additional blue recycling bags from the Public Services Centre on Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury or request them via email: .

Green bin collection service:
The refuse collection is for non-recyclable waste only. The green refuse bin is emptied fortnightly, alternating with the blue recycling bin collections. All rubbish collected in the green bin goes to landfill. Because sending waste to landfill is detrimental to the environment it costs a lot of money, so we encourage you to recycle first.

Weekly food waste collection service:
Food waste is collected from every household every week. Each household has one small caddy and one large caddy. Collect the food waste in the smaller kitchen caddy then transfer the contents to the larger caddy when required then put it out before 7am on collection day.
If you would like to order a caddy please telephone customer services on 01684 295010.

How to use the weekly food waste collection:
Line the small caddy with a compostable liner, newspaper or any plastic bag (e.g. supermarket carrier bag). Every few days transfer the food waste (and the liner) to the larger caddy. Put the larger caddy outside next to the correct bin, every week for collection.

Tewkesbury Borough Council
Public Services Centre
T: 01684 295010