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  • Please note that due to the cancellation of the APC January meeting because of Covid restrictions, the agenda item of the Precept amount must still be submitted to TBC by the 31st Jan. The Parish Council have requested that the amount remains the same as last year at £5000 (five thousand pounds) and should any members of the public wish for more information or to discuss, please contact the clerk no later than 28th January.

APC Financial regulations 2021
APC Standing Order 2021
Income and Expenses 2020-2021
Ashleworth PC 2020 – 2021
Annual Internal Audit 2020-2021
Accounting statement 2020-2021
Certificate of Exemption 2020 – 2021
Notice of public rights year end March 31 2021
APC Risk Register May 2021
Budget 2021 – 2022

APC Financial regulations 2020
APC standing-orders-2020
Income and Expenses 2019-2020
Annual Internal Audit Report 2019-20
Internal Audit report 2020
Accounting statements 2019-20
Certificate of Exemption 2019-20
Notice of public rights year end March 31 2020
Budget 2020 – 2021
APC Risk Register May 2020

Notice of public rights 2019
Certificate of exemption 2018-19
Annual internal audit report 2018-19
Ashleworth PC Audit Report April 2019
Accounting statement 2018-19
Income and Expenses 2018-2019
Ashleworth Staff Cllrs Privacy Notice
Budget 2019-2020

Ashleworth Information Pack
Notice of public rights 2018
Certificate of exemption 2018
Annual internal audit report 2017-18
Accounting statement 2017-18
2017-2018_ashleworth_internal_audit_report Income and Expenses 2017-2018
Budget 2018-2019
Ashleworth 2014 HNS final report

Pre 2018
APCs response to TBC Local Plan Consulatation Nov 2013

The archive of downloadable APC documents up to Drc 2018 can be found at:


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